Saturday, September 22, 2012

Virtual Office and workers

It is noticable in a number of companies that there is a marked increase in the number of workers who are not regularly present in the company office. Some companies in Silicon Valley are assuming that up to 40% of the workforce will be telecommuters in the near future. 

There are sites devoted to the issues around telecommuting and teleworking, such as which also offer definitions and practical advice on running a home office and up to date information on developments including this info graphic.

A recent article on the BBC website also addresses the workplace of the future looking as far forward as 2025. Mark Heraghty, Managing Director of Virgin media Business forecasts a world where we will interact with co-workers who appear as holograms and be using interactive surfaces in the home to communicate ideas. 

It looks like there are enough statistics to demonstrate that telework and telecommuting are moving into the mainstream.The advantages are not just for emplyees, employers can expect to save around $4000 a year per employee. So it looks likely that telecommuting is entering the mainstream and is also here to stay.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nokia Fights Back

Nokia and MicroSoft today launch their new smart phone running Windows 8, called the Lumia 920 which has a shake-compensating camera lens and a cable-free charge.

The first Windows phones were launched last year by Nokia running Windows 7 which are effectively stuck with that release as they apparently may not upgrade to Windows 8. 4 million Lumia phones with Windows 7 were sold in the last quarter (cf  Apple approx 26 million).

The iconic Nokia phone for me was the 6310 for it's battery power, simplicity and sturdiness. After that the nearest equivalent was the E51 but around this time they started to lose direction and market share. The E71 with its qwerty keyboard did not cut mustard against the iphone and the rest is history.

Time will tell whether the 920 with its Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, large battery and local and Skydrive storage is able to complete.